8 Promises by XDL Yarns


1. Strictly control the color variations, if goods are not consistent with the sample, you can return and exchange.
2. The yarns are even in the weight and diameter, and the weight is sufficient, according to the standard moisture regain.
If there is a weight difference, we compensate for the full amount of weight difference.
3. Anti-pilling grade fully meet customer requirements. Dyed yarn have good color fastness, and all dyed we use are green and environmental friendly.
4. We ensure fast delivery. Delivery time is in strict accordance with the contract.
5.The content of ingredients is strictly in accordance with the contract. Never cut corners.
6. The thickness is uniform and the fineness is accurate.
7. The various indicators (pH value, formaldehyde content, decomposable aromatic amine dye) are in accordance with national standards and have no odor.
8. Each customer have 1 sales agent to follow up. Timely feedback on work progress and customer needs.


4 Products by XDL Yarns

Pure Wool Yarns


Feel luxury, skin-friendly, smooth and drape, warm, strong, can be wear in spring, autumn and winter. A selection of 108 colors, elegant and ingenious, fashionable and classic.

Wool Blended Yarns


Wool blended yarns usually blended from wool, viscose, polyester, nylon and acrylic fibers, woven from wool blended yarns, which not only maintains the advantages of wool, but also the strengths of other fibers. Suitable for 14-needle, 12-needle, 9-needle, and 7-needle knitting.

Segment Color Yarns


The segment color yarn is a roving that uses two or more kinds of raw materials (colors), and a segment color yarn device is added on the spinning frame to realize that one roving is continuously fed to the main roving, and the other roving is intermittently fed. Single yarn with segment color, color point and bamboo yarns.

Acrylic Yarns


Acrylic yarn is also called polyacrylonitrile fiber yarn, and acrylic fiber is called artificial wool. It has the advantages of softness, fluffiness, easy dyeing, bright color, light resistance, antibacterial, and anti-insects. It can be purely spun or blended with natural fibers according to the requirements of different uses. Its textiles are widely used in the fields of clothing and decoration industry, such as production of underwear, shirts, spring and autumn outerwear, sweatshirts, blankets, artificial fur, etc.





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